27.6.2024 – 13.7.2024
Reflector Gallery, Bern, CH
Duo show with Migo

Curated by Dimitri Gebhard und Sebastian Winkler

Scattered, but there

20.6.2024 – 26.6.2024
CAP Diplomashow, Various places: Couronne/Krone, La Voire, Dachstock Krone, Ohho, Schlachthof, Carré Noir and Le Singe, Biel/Bienne, CH

With: Ana Durán, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Bernadette Kolonko, Dilbahar Askari, Elsa Schärrer, Erin Mallon, Esther Vorwerk, Evelyn Vonesch, Jasmin Kiranoglu, Jonathan Frigeri, Juliana Santacruz, Kasia Oleskiewicz, Laetitia Khiara, martian m. mächler, Moni Jia Rui Scherer, Moritz Schönbrodt, Muzi, Nadja Karpinskaya, Nasrin Amiri, Romain Iannone, Steven Wyss, Suzanne Zahnd, Tim Rod

Cantonale Berne Jura 2023

14.12.2023 – 28.1.2024
Kunsthalle, Bern
Curated by Kabelo Malatsie, Julia Künzi

With: Roshan Adhihetty, Stéphanie Baechler, Linus Baumeler, Rhoda Davids Abel, Giuliana Beya Dridi, Nicolas Grand, Alex Güdel, Sebastian Haas, Flurina Hack, Brigitte Lustenberger, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Marie-Françoise Robert, Tanja Schwarz & Olivia Abächerli, Ilona Stutz, Philip Ullrich, Jan van Oordt

3.12.2023 – 28.1.2024
Musée jurassien des Arts, Moutier
Curated by Aymane Hayyane Filali, Michel Huelin, Valentine Reymond

With: Ricardo Abella, Peter Aerschmann, Thomas Annaheim Lambert, Miro Aron, BiglerWeibel, Mattania Bösiger, André Deloar, Chantale Demierre, Pascale Ettlin, Garance Finger, Lea Luzifer, Jerry Haenggli, Joeggu Hossmann, Jorim E. Huber, Andreas Jenni, Janes/Funariu, Maksim Klopfstein, Noah Kohlbrenner, Oliver Krähenbühl, Sapir Kesem Leary, Mingjun Luo, Simon Meir, Lino Muff, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Rittiner & Gomez, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler, Benjamin Schwander, Aline Witschi, Anita Zumbühl


27.10.2023 – 19.11.2023
Bacio, Bern, CH
Solo show

Curated by Bacio collective: Emma Fankhauser, Viviane Stucki, Nicola Rossi, Nico Gehbauer, Basil Studer

Bad Bonn Kilbi 2023

1.6.2023 – 3.6.2023
Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen, CH
Scenography for music festival, backstage area

With: Liv Briechle, Yoann Cosson, Aurèle Duffey, Stefanie Mauron, Nicole Michel, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Marietta Schenk, Franziska Schlatter

Achilles and the Turtle

17.5.2023 – 20.5.2023
CAP, Bern, CH

With: Nadja Karpinskaya, Emmet Ward, Jonathan Frigeri, Cheyenne Oswald, Evelyn Vonesch, Romain lannone, Sophia Fries, Tim Rod, Muzi, Kasia Oleskiewicz, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Johanna Bossart, Francesca Ticca, Laetitia Khiara, Ana Durán, Markus Aebersold, Juliana Santacruz, Jasmin Kiranoglu, Flurina Sokoll, Denis Savi, Simon Baumann

Reading between the lines

9.3.2023 – 25.3.2023
Cabane B*, Bern, CH
Curated by Alizé Rose-May Monod

On March 9th, Nelson Irsapoullé (Geneva/Bern) opens the first season of Cabane B* with a performance, in dialogue with the transparency (text) works by Cheyenne Oswald (Basel/Bern), Martian M. Mächler (Zurich/Bern) and Andrea Cindy Raemy (Bern). On March 16th, niram (Bern) activates the space with her first EP release.

With: Nelson Irsapoullé, Martian M. Mächler, niram, Cheyenne Oswald, Andrea Cindy Raemy


14.1.2023 – 30.1.2023
Hosted by Lynn Stechert and Nelson Irsapoullé

Performance Space Performance Stage. Celebration of Berta Basch 118th birthday and celebration of other women, in reference to Johanna Hedva’s The Sick Women Theory (2020).

With: Lynn Stechert, Nelson Irsapoullé, Martian M. Mächler, Andrea Cindy Raemy

Cantonale Berne Jura 2022

11.12.2022 – 22.1.2023
La Nef, Saint-Ursanne, CH
Curated by Eva Cattoni, Azul Joliat, Eric Rihs, Marie Thieb

With: Peter Aerschmann, Kurt Baumann, Manuela Brügger, GATTI NUDI, F & D Cartier, Dagmar Derbort, Jennifer Elser, Denise Felber, Garance Finger, GAMelle, Mathia Gremaud, Hafner, mahogy, Jan Hostettler, Andreas Jenni, Alain Jenzer, Heinz Lauener, Sapir Kesem Leary, Hans-Jörg Moning, Lino Muff, Susanne Muller, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Sébastien Schnyder, Marius Steiger, Julia Steiner, Ilona Stutz, Noah Ismael Wyss

4.12.2022 – 15.1.2023
Kunsthaus centre d’art Pasquart, Biel/Bienne, CH
Curated by Paul Bernard, Barbara Meyer Cesta, Selma Meuli, Sarah Wiesendanger 

With: Edi Aschwanden, Bastien Aubry, Karin Borer, Anja Braun, Seline Burn, COCHON RODEO, Tiziana De Silvestro, Jonas Etter, Sabrina Friio, Isabelle Fritz, Markus Furrer, GATTI NUDI, Jannik Giger, Claude Gigon, Floyd Grimm / Ruven Stettler, Christian Grogg, Mimmo Haraditiohadi, Philippe Hinderling, Lukas Hirschhofer, Claude Hohl, Tamara Janes, Hannah Külling, Florine Leoni, Robin Mettler, Alexeï Monney, Nico Müller, Willy Müller, Anais Orr, Philip Ortelli, Laurent Perret-Gentil, Teo Petruzzi, Thalles Piaget, Teddy Pratt, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Nora Renaud, Olivier Rossel, Lorenzo Salafia, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler, Sina Schöpf & Robin Mettler, Reto Steiner, Hansueli Urwyler, Clemens Wild

My bedroom floor is on fire

25.6.2022 – 2.7.2022
WallStreet, Freiburg/Fribourg, CH
Curated by Guillaume Baeriswyl, Margaux Huber, Remy Ugarte Vallejos, Angelina Yerly

For this year’s 39th edition of the Belluard Bollwerk festival in Fribourg, we are delighted to accompany the festival with the group exhibition “My bedroom floor is on fire” with the works of Christophe Lovasoa Kauffmann, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Philippa Schmitt and Anouk Yerly.

In “My bedroom floor is on fire” the presented sculptures, soundscapes and visual works are displayed over the two exhibition spaces as a parkour of discovery. While existing for themselves and holding their own histories and narratives, the presented works suggest in their second life playful investigations of coming of age stories. The ambiguous tension between being in a one’s comfort-zone and out jumping the unknown (or very well-known) dangers of a constructed reality forms the collective spirit of the show, referring to the children game “The floor is lava”. Whilst proposing singular artistic positions and streams of thought, the works of Christophe Lovasoa Kauffmann, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Philippa Schmitt, and Anouk Yerly eventually come together as an open cycle, vacillating between self reflections and imagined selves, conditioned identities and the breaking free from it, traditions and the exploration of possible transformations towards new imaginaries. The group show “My bedroom floor is on fire” finally reflects upon the strong relationship one develops with oneself and these implosive emotions that emerge in intimate and safe spaces, giving way to the creation of fantastic worlds and other possible realities in order to confront and challenge normative and toxic systems of a still dominantly capitalist and patriarchal reality.

Throughout the show, one might feel tempted to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, to manipulate or modulate, to play and to get lost, to recall downtrodden emotions or escape into a meta world of imagery, to find your balance or to just run away, to transform and be transformed, to swing a rope or let it go, to sing along to “No Superstar” by Remady or to follow the choreography of a TikTok dance group, to step into the shoes of a video game character or to activate a giant glittery key ring that could have been extracted from a Y2K version of Alice in Wonderland.

With: Christophe Lovasoa Kauffmann, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Philippa Schmitt, Anouk Yerly

Bad Bonn Kilbi 2022

3.6.2022 – 5.6.2022
Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen, CH
Scenography for music festival, backstage area

With: Liv Briechle, Yoann Cosson, Aurèle Duffey, Stefanie Mauron, Nicole Michel, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Franziska Schlatter

Cantonale Berne Jura 2021

12.12.2021 – 16.01.2022
La Nef, Le Noirmont, CH
Curated by Eva Cattoni, Julie Humbert, Azul Joliat, Eric Rihs, Alexia Steiger

_FR_ Immobilisme. Embourbés dans ce magma poisseux, cette sclérose collective, l’espérance et le courage s’effilochent, la frustration et l’aigreur se répandent. Des voix chuchotent déjà le douloureux « À quoi bon ? ». Les bras se baissent, les muscles se crispent ; ne restent que haine et désolation. En toute discrétion, pour ne pas perturber le dictat de la bienveillance et du tout sourire. Et pourquoi ne pas répondre à l’appel : se laisser submerger, envahir par ses sombres émotions si souvent réprimées ? Démembrer cette poupée en plastique au corps prétendu parfait, arracher les yeux de cet ourson en peluche, déverser sa bile, crier sa rage à s’en décoller les cordes vocales. S’abîmer au travers des écrans et des opiacés, céder à la tentation des paradis artificiels, se perdre, se recroqueviller dans les draps pour oublier, pour disparaître. Guidée par cette thématique, la sélection artistique de la Nef tente cette année de confronter les visiteuses et visiteurs à ces pulsions néfastes mais si humaines. Pas de beaux discours, ni de douces contemplations. La beauté demeure accessoire, l’horreur prime. De l’aversion à la noirceur, de la frayeur au chagrin. Joyeux Noël !
_DE_ Stillstand. Während Hoffnung und Mut in diesem klebrigen Magma, dieser kollektiven Sklerose stecken geblieben sind und zerfasern, breiten sich Frust und Verbitterung aus. Erste Stimmen flüstern bereits das schmerzhafte „Wozu?“. Der Mut sinkt, die Muskeln verkrampfen sich; was bleibt, sind Hass und Verzweiflung. Ganz diskret, um nicht gegen das Diktat des Wohlwollens und des immerwährenden Lächelns zu verstoßen. Und warum sollte man nicht der Aufforderung folgen: sich überwältigen, sich vereinnahmen lassen von seinen allzu oft unterdrückten, schwermütige Gefühlen? Die Plastikpuppe mit dem vermeintlich perfekten Körper zerstückeln, dem Teddybären die Augen ausreissen, Gift und Galle spucken, seine Wut hinausschreien, bis einem die Stimmbänder reissen. Sich durch Bildschirme und Opiate Schaden zufügen, sich der Versuchung der künstlichen Paradiese hingeben, sich verlieren, sich unter der Bettdecke vergraben, um zu vergessen, um zu verschwinden. Von diesem Thema geleitet versucht das la Nef in diesem Jahr mit seiner künstlerischen Auswahl die Besucher*innen mit diesen unheilvollen, und doch allzu menschlichen Trieben zu konfrontieren. Keine schönen Reden, keine lieblichen Gedankenspiele. Schönheit bleibt Nebensache, im Vordergrund steht das Entsetzen. Von Aversion bis Niedertracht, von Schrecken bis Leid. Frohe Weihnachten!

With: Julia Bodamer, Damien Comment, Chloé Donzé, Remy Erismann, Garance Finger, Vanessa Gageos, Andrea Gerber, Rokko Gottwald, Laura Grubenmann, Colin Guillemet, Rubén Tomás Hechavarría Salvia, Christoph Hess, Hans Hofmann, Jorim E. Huber, Gigga Hug, Luc Isenschmid, Jeanne Jacob, Andreas Jenni, Hannah Külling, Sapir Kesem Leary, Kira Mäder, Stéphane Montavon, Pat Noser, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Simon Risi, Sophie Schmidt, Tanja Schwarz, Aline Stalder, Tamara L. Thompson, Franziska Venrath, Andreas Von Gunten, Andrea Anastasia Wolf, Linda Wunderlin, Sophie Yerly

12.12.2021 - 30.01.2022
Musée jurassien des Arts, Moutier, CH
Curated by François Kohler, Valentine Reymond, Camille Wehrli

_FR_ Les références à la nature oscillent entre réalisme et fiction, en passant par la magie ou le simple décor. L’habitat et les objets du quotidiens prennent des tournures inattendues. 
_DE_ Die Bezüge zur Natur wechseln zwischen Realismus und Fiktion, gelegentlich auch Magie oder schlicht Dekor hin und her. Lebensraum und Alltagsgegenstände bekommen eine unerwartete Bedeutung.

With: Fanny Balmer, Julian Burkhard, Romain Crelier, Anna Lena Eggenberg, Gabriel Flückiger, Irene Maria Habegger, Samuel Haettenschweiler, Mireille Henry, Andreas Jenni, Aurélie Jossen, Diego Kohli, Lea Krebs, Kühne / Klein, Nora Lune, Susan Mézquita, Alizé Rose-May Monod, Stella Pfeiffer, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Nicola Rossi, Adrian Schär, Marietta Schenk, Caroline Cécile Singeisen, Anna Spirig, Aline Stalder, Marius Steiger, Sébastien Strahm, Romain Tièche, Gregor Wyder, Peter Zacek, Simone Zaugg

Bad Bonn Kilbi

3.9.2021 – 5.9.2021
Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen, CH
Scenography for music festival, main tent

In-Between and around the C.

16.7.2021 – 31.7.2021, open 24/7
Summer Camp, Rote Fabrik, Zurich, CH
Curated by Michael Almeida and Luca Büchler

In-Between or around the C. is an exhibition organised as part of Summer Camp that plays with boundaries within the realm of art, conceptually as well as literally, presenting artworks spread all over the area of Rote Fabrik.

With: Aglaia Brändli, Jonas Etter, Fabio Guida, Martina Morger, Anina Müller, Laetita Pascalin, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Jordan Selophane, Valentina Stieger & Andri Mueller, The Bad Conscience

STITCHES : Scènes, corps, décors

17.6.2021 – 11.7.2021
Le Commun, Geneva, CH
Curated by Collectif détente: Gabrielle Boder, Tadeo Kohan, Camille Regli

Questioning the appeal of textile in contemporary art practices, as well as its subversive power, "Stitches: scènes, corps, décors", reflects on the close relationship that this material holds with the body and its spaces of representation. By contrast and affinity, the works form ties and create a temporary joint ‘community’ that nourishes a formal yet tactile and narrative dialogue between abstraction and figuration, ready-made and know-how, stages, bodies and decors. More than 35 artists from different generations, emerging and established, meet in a nodal exhibition linking intimacy and extimacy, constraint and liberation, emancipation and domestication.

With: James Bantone, Pierrette Bloch, Mario Botta, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Gregory Bourrilly, Sarah Burger, Denise Emery, Sylvie Fleury, Gina Folly, Cee Füllemann, Vidya Gastaldon, Nicola Genovese, Maëlle Gross, Roman Gysin, Katharina Hohmann, Inner Light, Sophie Jung, Marjorie Kapelusz, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Deirde O’Leary, Céline Manz, Léa Katharina Meier, Julie Monot, Sandrine Pelletier, Mai-Thu Perret, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Sabrina Röthlisberger, Ugo Rondinone, Denis Savary, Roman Signer, Marco Simao, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Tobias Spichtig, Manon Wertenbroek

Seed edition al_vista

Spring 2021
al_vista, Zurich, CH
Curated by Kim Anni Bassen, Aramis Navarro and Lourenço Soares

Message from al_vista: Today we start with the release of our seed editions, commissioned to all artists we had the luck to work with during our one year al_vista programm!

We would like to thank you all for your collaboration and for making this such a lovely time.

The artists seed editions are partly to close this exchange, and further to let its ideas grow around in new places.

Each artist who has exhibited at al_vista has been invited to choose the seeds and design the cover of one seed package.
The seeds are selected from Zollinger’s catalogue, a biological seed producer in Valais.
Each artist edition is made up of 33 bags. They are given away for free by the artists and al_vista.

DM to have the chance to get one of this limited edition. We collect all orders and let an algorithm choose who will receive one!!!   ︎ click

Every week a new release.

The touch of things

27.3.2021 – 29.5.2021
Bad zum Raben / Bagno Popolare, Baden, CH
Curated by Kathrin Doppler and Manuela Luterbacher

With: Nikola Antolkovic, Jeremias Bucher, Jeanine Burkard, Stephan Gräfee & Julius Kerstan, Luca Harlacher, Sara Koller, Isabel Lerchmüller, Reto Lingg, Vera Mühlebach, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Tosca Aimée Waeber, Angela Malina Weber

Diplom Redux

*Cancelled* 7.2.2021 – 21.2.2021
Kunsthaus Glarus

Cantonale Berne Jura 2020

3.12.2020 – 21.1.2021
EAC les halles, Porrentruy, CH
Curated by Nico Müller, Maude Queloz, Philippe Queloz, Sébastien Strahm

With: Karin Borer, Regula Brassel, Lara Damasô, Sebastien Haas, Stephan Hostettle, j.e. zukunft, Karen Amanda Moser, Levent Pinarci, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Adrian Schär, Jan van Oordt, Sophie Yerly, A TEMPORARY ALLIANCE

Customer satisfaction is our main motivation

4.5.2020 - 14.6.2020
al_vista, Zurich, CH
Curated by Kim Anni Bassen, Aramis Navarro and Lourenço Soares

customer satisfaction is our main motivation is made up of subtle acts of subversion that disturb contemporary modes of production and decorate our everyday delirium. Working with familiar references, ordinary gestures and holiday plans, promises of escapism and endless happiness are broken.

With: Andrea Raemy, Dominique Joller, Simona Ferrari


5.3.2020 – 12.3.2020
Rivet, Zurich, CH
Curated by Tereza Glazova

With: Muriel Steiner, Tobias Bärtsch, Andrea Raemy, Mattia Comuzzi with Linus Stiefel and Flavia Senn

House of hard knocks

18.7.2019 – 31.8.2019
NOASS, Riga, Latvia

With: Evelīna Andžāne, Luca Büchler, Selini Demetriou, Tereza Glazova, Julia Nusser, Andrea Raemy, Carlo Schwager, Denys Shantar, Muriel Steiner, Lucien Wampfler

Copyrights © Year by Andrea Cindy Raemy, All rights reserved.